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About Us

Get Floored LLC flooring distributors started back in 2015 with the mindset that it’s all about YOU, our customers. We have been successful in providing what YOU want and need for your projects. Without the support from our customers and our commitment to provide YOU with the best customer service, on time deliveries and the most aggressive bundled project pricing, we would not be here today.

We want to thank all of you for your ongoing support and commitment to our company.

Because we're local, we can get you what you need quickly. We can get many orders on-site in days not weeks. We are not only a distributor but we also work with other large suppliers in the United States. What this means to you is we can source all types of products even from numerous vendors to provide you with a one stop shop.

We provide everything you need related to your floors - underlayment, adhesives, trim and more - meaning fewer details for you to keep track of. Since we have everything you need from flooring materials, countertops, thin sets to grouts & metal edging, we're able to bundle our goods and offer competitve pricing.